Tapas at Mercado Lonja del Barranco

Tapas are intrinsically Spanish, no question. If you need a reminder, travelling to Seville can show you just how much they’ve been integrated into the city’s weekend culture: Sunday mass or family meet ups with everyone dressed in their smartest clothes, gathering at small bars on even smaller corners.

A historical guide to Salzburg

I was feeling a little disheartened when our train stopped at Salzburg. Fellow travellers had little to no information, and all tours on offer were themed after Mozart or the Sound of Music. Julie Andrews-shaped alarms started going off in my head as soon as we arrived at the station. Moments later, a chorus of prepubescent Von Trapp children also chimed in. My mood was worsening — and not even a hunky (in an old-timey way, at least) Captain could lighten my mood.

2016: Cherishing the old and in with the new

Raise your glasses and canapés, 2016 is finally here! While I did my part and celebrated in slipper-clad feet, I want to take a moment to run through all the amazing things that happened over the last year. I sometimes think that people willingly discard past events; telling themselves that tomorrow is a new day – or, in today’s case, a new year.