Best places to eat in Bordeaux for 2018

The only thing better than eating in 2017 is planning exactly where to eat in 2018. So, if you're thinking about where to eat in Bordeaux, hold on tight. You're in for one foodie heaven treat!


Cakes, toasties, tiny and almost crumb-like croissants… baked goods are a popular choice with all crowds, which is why Møna, located on rue de la Vieille Tour, is a clear favorite for locals and tourists alike. It’s a welcome stop after a long walk, and you could easily spend hours in there, sipping on tea and asking for more slices of carrot cake. There’s also a great selection of toasties and sandwiches if you’re not in a sweet tooth mood (don’t worry, you can always go back tomorrow).

Books & Coffee

Books and coffee, who would’ve thought the two went together! The name may lack originality, but Books & Coffee is as cool as cafes get in Bordeaux. Muted grey and navy tones give it a sleek design, while the plush armchairs and good reading light make it the perfect place to settle down for an hour or five. A word of caution: if you order a mocha, prepare to get the world’s largest dollop of whipped cream on top – whether you ask for it or not.

Kokomo Burger Bar

Whether you’re a burger person or not, Kokomo Burger Bar’s location is enough reason to go. There’s nothing better than sitting outside the restaurant during the summer and watching how quiet Place Fernand Lafargue comes alive, with children playing around and neighboring bars setting up for the night.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt to munch on a big’ ol burger and chips while you do so!

Ô p’tit Bahut

Welcome to meat and cheese heaven, right in the middle of Bordeaux’s historic district. Ô p’tit Bahut owners Matt and Audrey pride themselves on offering the best selection of meat and cheeses from around France. Think Savoie sausage, Adulde ham, Fourme d’Ambert, Cancoillotte… the list goes on. The staff is happy to help you choose the right wine for each platter, so you’re sure to get the most of an already heavenly lunchtime meal.

The Breakfast Club

Many don’t realize this until they’ve landed in Bordeaux, but this French city has a serious love for English style cafes. Head to The Breakfast Club on Rue des Ayres to stuff yourself with crumpets, smother toast with Marmite, put HP sauce on your sausages and slurp of baked beans. Nothing can really replace a full English on a Sunday!

 Do you have any favorite places to eat in Bordeaux? Let me know in the comments below! If you want Europe on a plate, head to my food page to get your fill (literally)! 

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