My favorite home decor stores in Amsterdam

Are you desperately looking for a hanging plant or Batman dog art print in the Dutch capital? You're sure to find them at one of these Amsterdam home decor stores!

I’ve recently taken on the monumental (and obviously painful) task of decorating my new Dutch flat. While I struggled to find basics like desks and chairs that weren’t from IKEA, sourcing cool home accessories was a breeze. Amsterdam’s strong concept store game and the endless supply of local designers means that you’ll always find original items to fill your rooms by the bucketload.

Are you also desperately looking for a hanging plant or Batman dog art print in the Dutch capital? You’re sure to find them at one of these stores!

It’s a Present!

It's a present

It’s a Present’s name is pretty self-explanatory. Their stores on Gasthuismolensteeg and Harleemerstraat are handy go-tos for last minute, quirky gifts for family and friends, ranging from tame palm print cushions to Nanoblock minivans. 

However, the stores are just the tip of the iceberg. Its webshop is something else, and you can easily spend hours browsing through their eclectic collections. My travels through the website have dug up wonders like a “F*ck You” gold gnome, a neon flamingo shaped lamp, and a carrot cutlery set. And that was all before coming across this “Squeeze the president” keyring  (great for a laugh or five).

Where can I find it? On Gasthuismolensteeg 4 and Haarlemmerstraat 25 in Amsterdam

My Deer’s

My deers store

My Deer’s isn’t technically in Amsterdam, but it’d be a crime not to include it on the list. Founded by Dutch artist Maaike Koster, its flagship store in Haarlem offers stunning, limited edition botanic & monochrome prints and postcards. They also have a handy online art shop and, along with the affordable prices, it’s the perfect place for those looking to invest in artwork for the first time.

Most prints consist watercolors and slogans, ranging from sets of 4 mini prints to large prints of labradors wearing Batman masks, Indian headdresses, and tiaras.

And it’s not just prints – the store offers a whole range of high-quality jewelry, ceramics, books, textiles, garments, and the team even offers an interior design service for homes, shops, and businesses.

Where can I find it? On Schagchelstraat 12, 2011 HX, Haarlem

Anna + Nina


Anna + Nina is a must for many jewelry fans visiting Amsterdam. Established in 2012 by Anna de Lanoy Meijer and Nina Poot, it started as an agency promoting jewelry and accessory labels alongside their own, but they’ve since become a brand in their own right.

Fast forward a few years and the duo have opened three stores in Amsterdam, along with an eclectic webshop selling their own brand together with other jewelry, accessories, fashion and interiors labels. Think dainty rings, animal print dinner plates, and old-world style interiors.

Where can I find it? On Gerard Doustraat 94, Kloveniersburgwal 44 and on Reguliersgracht 85 H, Amsterdam

Gerard Dou & Buitengewoon

amsterdam home decor stores

A cross between Ollivanders wand shop and the land that time forgot. The Albert Cupmarkt can seem commonplace after the first hundred visits, but stores like Gerard Dou & Buitengewoon keep the magic well and truly alive. Indonesian lamps, Indian coffee tables, apothecary cabinets… you name it, they’ve probably got it somewhere.

This family business doesn’t do websites – you need to put in the effort and take a hike down to De Pijp yourself. You can easily walk in wanting one thing and leave with a dozen others. Thank God the handy staff knows their stuff, and they should, seeing as they travel around the globe picking everything out themselves. These guys’ knowledge puts IKEA’s spotty teenage staff to shame. No offense to spotty teenagers. Or IKEA (I love you!).

Where can I find it? On Albert Cuypstraat 217-219, 1073 BG, Amsterdam


pluk amsterdam

Is it a brunch spot? A concept store? A pseudo millennial wonderland? Pluk wants to do it all or, as they put it, offer “a piece for everyone”. While they may do a lot, they definitely do it well. Pluk knows exactly what their clientele want – and that is to make their most farfetched Pinterest dreams come to life.

Located in the popular 9 Straatjes (9 Streets), you can enjoy a healthy unicorn bowl upstairs and browse through their glassware, stationery, bracelets, soap and passport holders downstairs. Bought too much? Don’t worry. You can always buy an extra table and put all your Pluk purchases on it.

Where can I find it? On Reestraat 19, 1016 DM Amsterdam


hutspot hutspot

Concept stores must have fascinating business plans. Imagine going to a bank and pitching your idea: “I want a clothes store on the first floor, a cafe on the second floor and a barber shop in the basement”. Don’t believe it exists? Think again. With stores in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, and Utrecht, Hutspot offers a curated space for showcasing interesting brands, designers and artists, as well as a place to get your hair cut if you head to the Van Woustraat branch. They even host children’s cooking classes and springtime barbecue sessions!

Part of Hutspot’s appeal lies in its ability to quickly revamp their stock in line with ever-changing trends. New designs are exhibited, while old favorites get a display makeover to heighten their appeal. Make sure to check out the madness for yourself!

Where can I find it? On Van Woustraat 4, 1073 LL Amsterdam

Jouw Marktkraam Oost

amsterdam home decor stores

Don’t go into Jouw Marktkraam with something specific in mind – this store is a veritable cave of wonders, and you never know quite what you’ll come across.

With branches around the country, Jouw Marktraam has a similar concept to Hutspot, just less curated. Anyone can rent a shelf to sell their goods, whether it’s handmade mugs or junk they had in the attic. I personally prefer the latter –  where else would you find vintage vinyl players and 1970s tangerine footstools crammed together on a bookcase?

Bargain hunters, in particular, will love it here. I recently popped into my local branch on Molukkenstraat for a quick look and walked out with a second-hand coffee table and a 4 ft dracaena lemon lime plant, all for under €35. When in Rome…

Where can I find it? On Molukkenstraat 75-77, 1095 AX Amsterdam

Are there more Amsterdam home decor stores you can’t get enough of? Let me know in the comments below! If you want more on Amsterdam lifestyle, check out my Amsterdam Life and Amsterdam Foodies pages for more Dutch capital delights.

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