How to combine full-time work with travel

Today I announced I was going interailing at work and, like clockwork , got the same responses I always do:

“But you just got back from a holiday!” and “How many do you even go on?!”. Or, my personal favourite: “You’re hardly ever in the office!”.

Excuse me, Miss Mug-stealer (yes, I know it’s you), I have just as much time off as you do. You see, my job isn’t a travel-centred one. If anything, according to mid-level management, our work-related world could probably fit in one building. If you’re lucky enough to work in an environment that lets you combine work trips with annual leave, please go ahead and do it (you’re living the dream). But for those trapped within the confinements of 25 day leave, here’s how to combine the two without completely giving up the comfort of office air conditioning.