Amsterdam brunch series: Water & Brood

Welcome to the Amsterdam brunch series, a new weekly segment dedicated to all things Amsterdam and brunch related (in case you didn’t guess by the title!). The Dutch capital’s brunch game is strong, and I’m more than happy to find – and eat through – as many as I can! 

Water & Brood

Water & Brood
No bullshit here, just great food

There’s nothing like walking past your dodgy local bike shop and finding a new restaurant in its place. Head down Nieuwe Kerkstraat and you’ll find Water & Brood, an Amsterdam Oost newcomer that’s all about serving simple, hearty meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As they say themselves: “Good food, no bullshit”.

I’m always up for supporting local businesses, especially when my stomach is involved. My partner and I ended up choosing Mr Benny, a classic eggs norwegian with spinach, and waffles with fried chicken. On a sidenote, can we take a moment to applaud the genius behind this beautiful masterpiece (whoever he or she may be)? In my mind, you can never have enough chicken, which is exactly why we ordered an extra portion on the side. Please don’t judge me.

The eggs were delicious, with a healthy dose of avocado spread on the sourdough bread. The chicken was crispy but surprisingly tender on the inside, and the waffles gave us a much needed sugar rush – especially after a Friday night out.

Water & Brood
The Mr Benny: eggs benedict, smoked salmon, avocado, sourdough bread and spinach

Other menu items on my next visit list are the breakfast burritos with egg, bacon, paprika salsa, avocado, cheddar and beans and the french toast with sweet sour fruit compote. Maybe make it a main/dessert combo and have them both at once?

The interior is just like the food, simple and laid-back. Sit at one of the quaint tables or take your latte outside if the sun is shining (Amsterdam doesn’t see it much). Overall, Water & Brood proved to be the perfect pick me up, and you’ll definitely be back for more!

Do you have any recommendations for eating out in Amsterdam? I’m more than happy to try them (if forced to). Leave a comment down below or read up on more Amsterdam food tips!

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