Amsterdam brunch series: Benji’s

Welcome to the Amsterdam brunch series, a new weekly segment dedicated to all things Amsterdam and brunch related (in case you didn’t guess by the title!). The Dutch capital’s brunch game is strong, and I’m more than happy to find – and eat through – as many as I can!


Benji’s, a self-proclaimed urban jungle

If you want the ultimate breakfast experience, look no further than Amsterdam Oost. Whether it’s trendy, eclectic or traditional Dutch, this area will leave you feeling gezellig and spoilt for choice. A good example? Benji’s on Wilbaustraat – a self-proclaimed urban jungle with a Balinese touch.

What do they mean by urban jungle? The interior combines green natural elements such as plants and wood, with more industrial tones in the form of stone and steel. It’s a beautiful combination: leather tub chairs, hanging planters and a mixture of wood tables – settings don’t get cooler than this.

Burrata bun – Tomato, fresh basil, homemade pesto, olive oil and prosciutto

And what about the food, you ask? Inspired interiors are nothing if the menu doesn’t make the cut. The food here mirrors the restaurant’s theme: cosmopolitan vibes with a taste of Bali. Highlights include the granola bowls, salmon avocado teriyaki bun or the eggstraordinary salad bowl. As I’m a sucker for Italian cheese, I chose the burrata bun. Creamy and fresh, it was everything good burrata should be. Add some ripe tomatoes, pesto, basil and prosciutto (optional, but who would pass?), and you have perfect simplicity at its finest.

Summer is the best time for a Benji’s breakfast: soak in the sun outside with a bloody mary or leisurely sit by the window with a chai latte. While there are plenty of long tables for big groups, its a place made for couples and breakfasts for one. Come in for some alone time, whether it’s to work or read the paper – no need for more company!

If you’re not in the mood for breakfast, don’t despair. Benji’s recipes carry from morning to evening, along with a boozy drink menu and late opening hours (1AM during weekdays and 3AM on weekends). You can spend one unforgettable night here, watching all things tropical come to life (that may just be my mimosa talking).

Do you have any recommendations for eating out in Amsterdam? I’m more than happy to try them (if forced to). Leave a comment down below or read up on more Amsterdam food tips!

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