About Sideroutes

pompeii-mural-twI’m a third culture kid with a love for travel. However, this love is slightly hindered by the fact that my job barely lets me leave my desk.

Growing up in Australia, Spain and the United Kingdom, I’ve grown accustomed to moving around. That is why my current situation is such a novelty: full time work, a mortgage and committing to one location for over 12 months (please ignore the muffled screams). I thought I’d give it a go, but I’m finding it a little tricky to adjust.

Enter Sideroutes. I’ve grown accustomed to the security a 9-5 can bring, but I’m not willing to compromise on travel any longer. Therefore, I’ve decided to give it a go and combine the two. I’ll find a way to stay in full time employment and take advantage of the leave I’m given. And I mean really take advantage of it. This blog will record all successful (and unsuccessful) trips I take within the limits of my time off, whilst also offering advice on handling the two and tracking my own personal experiences.

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