5 great brunch spots in Amsterdam Oost

Amsterdam Oost brunch

After the westside’s snazzy makeover, all eyes have turned to Amsterdam Oost as today’s up and coming neighborhood. Close to the city center, beautiful parks and quirky shopping streets like Czar Peterstraat (De Pindakaaswinkel is the only place to create your own peanut butter), it’s only logical that new brunch hotspots in would follow.

These are just 5 of the many places to enjoy a midday breakfast treat, but we all have to start somewhere!


Address: Sumatrastraat 47

Eastside Amsterdam Oost

Bloody Marys @ Eastside

Eastside Amsterdam Oost

Tucked away just off Javastraat in Amsterdam Oost, Eastside prides itself on making delicious comfort food with a New York twist. From chicken waffles to poached eggs and fried artichokes, their wholesome American brunch menu runs from 10AM to 8PM, making it perfect for early birds and late comers alike. Pair your meal with fresh orange juice or spicy bloody mary (or any drinks from their cocktail selection) for a winning combination.

Eastside Amsterdam Oost eggs

Classic Benny

This little dish is the Classic Benny with smoked salmon, asparagus, sour dough toast, hollandaise sauce and home fries. If that’s not enough, you can always add a side of bacon, pork sausages or mac and cheese to top it off.

Eastside Amsterdam Oost decor

Louie Louie

Address: Linnaeusstraat 11A

Louie Louie has many sides to it. Breakfast haven by day, hip bar by night, there’s nothing like soaking up the sun in its outdoor area during the summer months.

Louie Louie Amsterdam Oost

Louie Louie Torta Cubana

Morning visitors will find a bit of everything. I recommend the French toast for those with a sweet tooth or the avocado mash for a healthy treat. However, if you’re looking for the house speciality, go for the Louie Louie Torta Cubana.  A Mexican “sandwich” of sorts, this baby is packed chorizo, ham, avocado, jalapenos, tomato and mozarella. You may need to take a spin (or two) around nearby Oosterpark to walk it off.

Louie Louie Amsterdam Oost eggs

Huevos rancheros @ Louie Louie

Bakers & Roasters

Address: Kadijksplein 16

Ahhhh, Bakers & Roasters. Just hearing it brings back memories of warm mocha coffee and sizzling eggs. Any sane Amsterdammer would recommend it – the rest just probably haven’t been there yet.

Bakers and Roasters Amsterdam Oost

More huevos rancheros @ Bakers & Roasters – because why not?

Bakers and Roasters Amsterdam Oost interior

Bakers & Roaster Oost branch on Kadijksplein

With three locations around the city, the Amsterdam Oost branch sits on a quiet street in front of the port (stretch your neck and you’ll see the NEMO Science Museum and the Amsterdam Maritime Museum overlooking the water). Unlike its busier De Pijp and Centruum counterparts, this one is on the smaller and calmer side – perfect if you’re still suffering from a late night out.

Bakers and Roasters Amsterdam Oost pancakes

Pancake stack!

Enjoy the huevos rancheros or their fluffy American-style pancakes. Either one is a sure bet that will surely win you over.

The Breakfast Club

Address: Wibautstraat 56

The Breakfast Club Amsterdam Oost

Buttermilk pancakes @ The Breakfast Club

More on the western border of Amsterdam Oost (quite the contradiction) is Wilbaustraat. It’s worth taking a look down this road, as you’ll come face to face with gems like The Breakfast Club. Like Bakers & Roasters, it’s also one of three locations, offering all day breakfasts from Mexico City, London and New York. That means that you get to munch on fried eggs, creme fraiche and buttermilk pancakes All. Day. Long.

Pancakes are The Breakfast Club’s show stoppers, so try them with blueberries and banana, or the macha version with mascarpone and chocolate drizzle (anyone else drooling yet?). Get there early and take your time savoring every bite.


Address: Sarphatistraat 61

Bakhuys Amsterdam Oost bread

Pastries and bread galore @ Bakhuys

The only bakery on the list, this place deserves an entire post to itself. If you don’t believe the loaves and pastries are freshly baked, look inside. The indoor wall is made of glass, giving you a glimpse into the busy kitchen. The massive wood fire ovens are where Bakhuys bakers make some of the most amazing pizza you’ll have in Amsterdam Oost – that’s no exaggeration.

Bakhuys Amsterdam Oost pizza

Bakuys Special and pepperoni pizzas @ Bakhuys

Take a trip down to Sarphatistraat and get the Bakhuys special with a piping hot espresso. There’s also an array of sandwiches, quiches, soups and, of course, pastries to choose from, so get down there during your next visit to Amsterdam Oost.

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