3 great restaurants to visit in Copenhagen


Want to get the best for your money in Denmark? If there’s one place to indulge, there’s no safer bet than Copenhagen’s food scene. While city prices are above average, these recommendations are a solid investment for both your Danish krones and your wallet.

The wake-up call: Voulez-vous

French Breakfast at Voulez-vous

petit déjeuner goes down a treat anywhere. For a taste of France in Copenhagen, check out Voulez-vous. The cafe’s cosy setting and straightforward menu have one aim: to keep things simple and satisfying.

Offerings vary from well-liked pain au chocolat to delicious quiches and cheese platters. If you’re in the mood for something more filling, check out their croque monsieur.

Croque Mr Paris: ham, emmental cheese and béchamel

Whilst normally served with ham and cheese, Voulez-vous’ chef puts a twist on the French classic with the Mr Biarritz (goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, fresh spinach and béchamel) and the Croque Mr Clermont (parma ham, apple, walnuts, fresh spinach and béchamel) amongst others.

However, not everyone wakes up in the mood for small portions. If you’re famished, order the ‘Voulez-vous Brunch’ option, which comes with mini pastries, ham, emmental cheese, soft-boiled eggs, almond finger cake, yoghurt, bread, butter, jam and fresh fruits. You also have the French Breakfast, a smaller alternative to the mammoth brunch. Whichever you choose, they’ll both leave well and ready for the day ahead.

Price-wise, Voulez-vous falls into the mid to high category: a croque monsieur and coffee will cost you DKK87 (€11.68), while a full brunch and coffee will bring it up to DKK167 (€22.42). Don’t rack up costs by eating there every day: just try it on one day of your travels to enjoy something special.

voulez-vous-window-view-copenhagenWhere? Larsbjoernsstraede 20

Tuesday to Friday
From 10AM til 9PM
From 10AM to 6PM
Sunday to Monday

Website voulezvous.dk

Copenhagen’s brew feast: WarPigs

Inside Copenhagen’s WarPigs (courtesy of WarPigs press)

BBQ and brewery all in one, WarPigs doesn’t do knives and forks. Located in Copenhagen’s trendy Meatpacking District, its canteen style eatery and particular mixture of American-Danish brews make it a standout location for city visitors.

WarPigs BBQ counter (courtesy of WarPigs press)

WarPigs was established by Danish brewery Mikkeller and American brewery 3 Floyds in order to spice up the brewpub game. The in-house brewery has an impressive 20 beers on tap, so I’d recommend asking the bar staff for their personal recommendations. In addition, WarPigs’ brewers keep on changing their selections, offering customers something different with every visit.

Although drinks are king at WarPigs, their Texan style BBQ is a close second. Slow-low smoked and dry rub spiced, get there early so you can enjoy their house speciality spare ribs.

You can expect to pay around DKK65 (€8.7) on average for most of the craft beer on tap. It’s best to go to WarPigs with a healthy appetite. Medium-sized spare ribs and pork shoulder come in at DKK85 (€11.4), while 1/2 chicken costs DKK100 (€13.44). Vegetarians may be at a loss here, but you can always tuck into the  creamy mac n’cheese for DKK50 (€6.72).

warpigs_ribs_menu_copenhagenWhere? Flæsketorvet 25

Monday to Wednesday
From 11:30AM to 12AM
Thursday to Sunday
From 11AM to 2AM

Website warpigs.dk

The Italian pleaser: Bæst

Charcuterie at Bæst

You can’t get more local than Bæst. Even the flour is made around the corner. Combining Italian staples along with the local produce sourced from Danish organic farmers, the owners pile the best from both countries on enormous meat platters and wood-fired oven pizzas.

Neighbouring Nørrebro is more than enough reason to make the small trek across The Lakes. Over the last two decades, a steady influx of young locals has transformed the area into an eclectic mix of designer boutiques, vintage stores, old dive bars (I recommend the latter for a cheap pint on your way back) and, of course, gastronomical gems such as Bæst.

Bæst interior (courtesy of AOK magazine)

To start your meal on the right foot, try one or two dishes from the charcuterie menu. These come straight from the Bæst’s  salumeria, where the chefs prepare cured meats such as confit-based ciccioli and fennel salami. If you can’t choose, opt for a small or large selection board to get a taste of everything.

Bæst mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and Parma ham

Afterwards, follow it up with one of their organic pizzas. Sadly, I couldn’t eat three in one go – that’s a challenge for another day. However, if I had to choose some standouts, I’d go for the burrata, nettles, Nørrebro oyster mushrooms; the Bæst pork sausage, brocolli and pecorino; or the mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and Parma ham (pictured on the left).

When it comes to price, the best approach at Bæst is to share as much as possible. Cost per person for platters and pizza can be significantly lower than for individual dishes. For example, one charcuterie plate costs on average DKK85.00 (€11.40), while a small selection board is DKK125.00 (€16.80). A medium to large-sized pizza will also keep you happy at around DKK130.00 (€17.40).


Where? Guldbergsgade 29

Sunday to Thursday From 5PM to 10:30PM

Friday and Saturday From 5PM to 12:30AM

Website baest.dk

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